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CurbedWire: Hollywood and Vine Rising, Downtown Billboard Update

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HOLLYWOOD: Your Hollywood construction update: The latest shot of Legacy Developers' apartment project--dubbed Hollywood and Vine--at Hollywood and Selma, the next door neighbor of the W Hotel. These are the 375 apartment units going up. Perhaps in the year 2012 you'll go to a party in one of these apartments and eat some hummus. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: The electronic billboard issue is a little confusing, but an update to this morning's post: A spokesperson in Assemblyman Bill Emmerson's office says that since it was a "tie vote" on that bill, it'll be voted on again. And it could be voted on again as soon as next week. Or it could take weeks before it comes up for vote again. But it's not dead. Secondly, although we ran that image of the digital billboard near the MTA bus lot in this morning's post, this bill wouldn't have affected that area--only the region around L.A. Live, the Staples Center, and the Convention Center. [Curbed Staff]