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That's Rather Lovely: 1920s Home in Los Feliz Knolls

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That's Rather Lovely, the nice twin of That's Rather Hideous, highlights clever decisions in interior design or architecture as revealed in photos or listings. Have a nominee? Say hello.

The owners of this lovely three-bedroom, 1.75-bath in Los Feliz Knolls already have a leg up on mere mortals: one is an architect and the other an interior designer. And they didn't seem to skimp on the details when they were renovating. The 1927 house, designed by Frederick Monhoff, features a central private courtyard with a wood burning fireplace, carrara marble in the kitchen and bathrooms, french doors, and ebonized hardwood floors. We'll give the owners credit for a beautiful upgrade that seems to maintain the home's architectural integrity. The house, listed at $1.369 million, is rumored to have received an offer its first day on the market.
· 3450 Ben Lomond Place, Los Angeles, CA 90027 [Official Site]