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Loyola Marymount Neighbor: "Do you really want a neighborhood like USC?"

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A Westchester resident ("not some whiny" neighbor) responds to the ongoing turf battle between Loyola Marymount students and their Westchester neighbors in a lengthy letter sent to the school's newspaper, the Loyolan. Neighbor Dave Schrempf, who cites his past party experiences, requests that students respect the property of neighbors and stop scaring the shit out of people.

"...all of you should think about the flip side of the argument that us "NIMBY Thugs" live in a college town. The simple fact is that you all chose LMU for a reason. It's a great school, in a safe, quiet (and boring) neighborhood. That "family friendliness" is why the neighbors chose to live here and why LMU is attractive. Unlike most places in LA, you will find lots of residents that have lived here happily for decades. If you want to party, you can always transfer to USC, UCLA, or even Penn. They have great Greek rows and lots of epic parties." Shrempf's video clip of Jesuits gone wild that was shown on KNBC during a report two weeks ago. Neighbors are asking for LMU and landlords to better control the students when off campus.
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