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CurbedWire: Kanner Architects in Venice, Downtown's Grand Avenue Festival

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VENICE: The latest construction shot of Kanner Architect's Superior At Venice Apartments, a 52-unit, four-story building (there are two buildings), a project that is achieving great heights of wood on Venice Boulevard (it's also one of the few new apartment buildings on this stretch of Venice that we've seen in the last year). [Curbed Staff]

A web site is up and the press releases are out. "The Grand Avenue Festival [taking place on September 28th] is a free, one-day cultural celebration that showcases an outstanding array of music, dance, theater, art, and flavors of Downtown restaurants on the cultural corridor of Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles. The Festival is free to the public and boasts over 40 programs and activities presented throughout the day that appeal to adults and children alike." More via their official site. [Curbed InBox]