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Week in Review: Downtown Goats, Pink Line, LMU Partiers, Chad Rogers' Hair, A NoHo Couch, and the Chatsworth Metrolink Tragedy

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As this Saturday gets underway, check out a selection of some of the top stories on Curbed this week.

1) DOWNTOWN: The downtown goats proved to be the most efficient government employee of the year. Requests were made to have the goats build the Subway to the Sea. Goats for Mayor!

2) BEVERLY HILLS: Curbed goes to a community meeting for the Subway to Sea where discussion of the Pink Line route through West Hollywood is all the rage... until a certain someone gets in a shouting match.

3) WESTCHESTER: Drunk Loyola Marymount college student and Westchester homeowner relations seemed to hit a low this week as accusation, insults and Twitters flew.

4) LOS ANGELES: The last episode of Million Dollar Listing arrived and we know the tears were flowing. Hey! Maybe those downtown goats can be dispatched to freshen up Chad Roger's haircut.

5) NORTH HOLLYWOOD: Luck be a lady tonight. A wayward car flips over on a NoHo street only to be caught by an angel in the form of a sidewalk couch.

6) CHATSWORTH: The Friday evening commute took a tragic turn when a Metrolink Commuter train with 222 aboard collided with a freight train. The death toll stands at 23. Best wishes to all of those affected by this tragedy.