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El Portal Project Planned for South Gate

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Globe St's Bob Howard checks in with the proposed El Portal project, a $218.4 million, 498,880-square foot entertainment center planned for intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Firestone Boulevard in South Gate. With a Target, Ross and Regency Theatres, as well as entertainment and community spaces, the "El Portal center will become the premier shopping destination and entertainment experience for the Hispanic community in Southern California," according to a director at Buchanan Street Partners, which is handling financing for the project. It's also being described as the first “High Tech Lifestyle” shopping destination this side of Tokyo. Really?

The El Portal Shopping Center will be located in South Gate, California on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Firestone Boulevard. With over one million people within a 5-mile radius, this would be a perfect location for any shopping center. But El Portal Shopping Center won’t be just any shopping center. It’s going to be the first “High Tech Lifestyle” shopping destination this side of Tokyo – the city that invented the ‘high tech, state-of-the-art, lifestyle shopping experience’. And now it’s coming to South Gate.

At El Portal Shopping Center, state-of-the-art media will immerse shoppers in a unique, completely sensory environment. Innovative “Linear LED Technology” will integrate light, sound and movement into the architecture of the building itself, creating organic, “fluid” walls that will allow shoppers to “feel” the communication messaging.

Why South Gate?
South Gate is the epicenter of the “New Los Angeles” Latino Community: a heretofore untapped consumer market. It’s freeway close: ¼ mile from the 710 freeway. And there’s no other destination shopping center within 5 miles.

Are the shoppers ready?
Today’s shoppers are buying multi-media, internet connected, Bluetooth enabled, MP3 equipped, digital camera communication devices. They’re watching five hundred channels via satellite on four-foot wide plasma screens. They’re media-savvy shoppers who want their shopping experience as exciting, dynamic and media intense as everything else they’re consuming.

Description, renderings via Red Mountain Retail.

· Developers Name Buchanan to Fund $218M Project [Globe St]