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Uber-Prime Candy & Candy Boys Creating "Billionaire Ghettos"

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[Pic of the Candy Brothers via Evening Standard; Rendering of 9900 Wilshire, right, via]

Brothers Christian and Nick Candy get profiled in today's Evening Standard. Candy & Candy, you may recall, are redeveloping the former Robinson May's site in Beverly Hills with the Richard Meier designed 9900 Wilshire Boulevard "super premium" condo project. The purchase of the property for $500 million in 2007 by Candy & Candy threw Southern California's real estate market into fits. Will the terrible housing market stop the brothers? Shut your mouth. C&C cater to the super wealthy, not you paupers.

Candy & Candy, says Nick, “cater for less than one per cent of the population”. That very small minority is not affected by the downturn. “In the uber-prime market in London, north of £10 million, prices are still being achieved. What you don't want to be today is a UK housebuilder but what we're in is the uber-rich — those who are worth as much as £40 billion to £50 billion. We're talking about the richest people in the world — not the ones represented on any rich list.” The brothers plan to expand their Candy & Candy brand to other ventures, including the design of yachts and some sort of retail outlet. “We've created a recognisable brand that has the ability to be the Louis Vuitton of our era,” says Nick. “We know everything about our clients — if they like their dressing gowns heated, what colour flowers they like, if their chef works left-handed — we know everything and we incorporate it into our work for them.” Somebody get these douchebags a reality show, stat.
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9900 Wilshire

9900 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA