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Venice's Hedge and Fence Height To Be Debated Again--Officially

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Last winter, there was a lot of discussion going in Venice about the height of fences and hedges in the neighborhood. Some residents believed the higher fences were turning Venice into a mini Bel-Air, but other residents argued the tall fences helped block out all that crack-smoking and masturbating. Now The Argonaut reports that the Venice Neighborhood Council will consider the findings of the fences and hedge task committee next week (and ultimately vote on the findings in October). More via the paper: "The recommendations include grandfathering existing "nonconforming" fences and hedges; a community-wide survey; enabling establishment of "Specific Plan Fence Height Overlay Districts," in which individual areas can choose their own frontage height limits, allowing heights to increase as setbacks increase, and encouraging "walk-ability" and visibility; and a notification procedure for new property owners." [The Argonaut]