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West Hollywood's Riot Hyatt Losing Its Famous Balconies

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West Hollywood's famous Hyatt Hotel--known as the riot Hyatt for the rock star shenanigans that have gone in the place e.g. Keith Richards dropping a TV out the window, Jim Morrison hanging from a balcony by his fingertips, etc, etc--closed earlier this year and is undergoing an extensive renovation. When it comes out of anesthesia and re-opens December 1, it'll be re-born as the ANdAZ West Hollywood (another Hyatt brand). Details on the renovation aren't being released, but we hear that the new look will be "more relaxed, streamlined" and borrow from music, rock, and art elements. And how about this--the new hotel will lose its famous exterior balconies. (And we're fairly certain the balconies have been shaved off at this point.) The new balconies will more enclosed, more like "glass greenhouses," according to our source. Party-on in those, young rock stars. [Via flickr user Daspadger]
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