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LMU Responds to Westchester Complaints: "Party Hard, But Responsibly"

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Following a report on KNBC about out of control Loyola Marymount students running through the streets "hammered and drunk" and leaving used condoms under one woman's tree, Loyola Marymount students are calling for fellow students to calm down and for neighbors to just deal. Our favorite response comes from LMU student Jose Martinez, who pens a letter to Westchester neighbors.

"Be optimistic, neighbors. Take pride in the fact that you live next door to such an amazing center of higher learning. Take comfort in the fact that the people being loud at midnight and watering your lawns with processed alcohol will probably only be as good as the urine they leave on your lawn for the rest of their lives. And, if your attitude is still glass-half-empty, take some cheese with that whine."The back and forth bickering between neighbors and students continues in the hilarious comments on the NBC4 video page. One neighbor writes: "With comments like that, Peter Griffin (and the rest of you underdeveloped cerebral moron types) simply prove yourselves to be the 'Eow mah god' Gen-Y spoiled trash that you are. I can't imagine how you passed any proficiency test to get into LMU... Oh that's right they'll take just about anyone w/Daddy's money. That's right, we don't like you and never will. You portend a bleak and barren future for this nation. Party on, squids."
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