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Goats Are Done, Leaving Downtown Tomorrow

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The 100 goats hired to graze at Angels Knoll park in downtown completed their job today--they've eaten all of the lower field of the park-- and will leave tomorrow at 10 am, according to a press representative for the Community Redevelopment Agency. Originally it was thought it may take as many as two weeks for the goats, who arrived on Monday, to clear the weedy field. Given their miraculous performance downtown, many commenters on Curbed wondered if these goats could complete other city tasks. Perhaps they could dig a subway to the sea? Be used to headbutt taggers? Hell, there's even enough of them for a football team.

Downtown Los Angeles to Say “So Long, Farewell” to Weed-Eating Goats on Bunker Hill Friday, September 12 at 10 a.m.

CRA/LA’s 100 goats have finished clearing hillside

WHO: CRA/LA’s 100 Weed- Eating Goats!

WHAT: The city is invited to say goodbye to the CRA/LA’s
100 weed-eating goats on Bunker Hill as they get loaded onto
a large truck for transport to their next assignment

WHEN: Friday, September 12,
2008, at 10:00am

WHERE: Angels Knoll at the corner of 4th and Hill Streets, Downtown Los Angeles

The CRA/LA put 100 goats to work this week clearing weeds from Angels Knoll on Bunker Hill. The goats are an energy-efficient and inexpensive alternative for clearing the weed-choked, steep, hard to reach hill.

For the past week, the goats have been attracting attention and adoration from nearby office workers and tourists as they’ve kept their heads down and done their job. Finishing earlier than expected, the knoll is clear and they are ready to be trucked to their next assignment.

Everyone is invited to stop by and say “so long... farewell... auf wiedersehen...
goodbye!” And thank them for a job well done!

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