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CurbedWire: Mix Mogul Opening in Silver Lake, Viridian Price Drop Answer

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SILVER LAKE: "This is opening around the corner from me," writes a reader, forwarding the web site for Mix Mogul, a company that is advertising "Coworking." Looks like it's geared toward freelancers who want to rent out office space in Silver Lake? That may or may not be where you'll be working (pictured above). There are also Friday mixer parties. Colorful! [Curbed InBox]

MID-WILSHIRE: There was a question about whether new rental building Viridian has dropped prices. Earlier this week, a reader wrote: "I was looking at the Viridian's Web site on Friday and it said that 1br apartments started at $3,669. On Saturday, I looked again and it lists prices as starting at $3,099." An answer via their press rep: "The prices have been dropped as a Grand Opening Concession, so it is temporary." Grand Opening Concession, people. [Curbed Staff]