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NY lofts v. LA lofts

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Forbes' Lauren Sherman looks at how the word loft now brings up images of doormen, granite countertops, and other yuppie trappings, and compares a $6 million loft in SoHo with a comparable residence in Downtown LA running $2 million. The LA loft's amenities include 11,000 square-foot, 20-foot-ceiling space with wood and steel beams, skylights, new Carrera marble countertops, central air, a central sound system, an outdoor fire pit, fireplace, and a parking lot with room for eight or more cars. (Also, according to the agent's listing site, this loft just sold.) Sherman ends with the caveat that "downtown L.A. is no SoHo when it comes to culture, retail, and restaurants." Hey, but there's a Trader Vic's coming! [Forbes]