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Million Dollar Listing Recapped, Ep 6: "Chapter Closed!"

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Finally, it's over. In the last episode of the series we hope to have all the loose ends wrapped up (*double entendre implied*). Will Chad-bot shed his flesh body? Will Josh Flagg be skeevy? Will Madison Hildebrand get writer approval to be gay?

Chad Rogers' client for the episode is very close family friend Judith, who Chad met through Rick and Kathy Hilton. Judith, a social and political activist, has her independently wealthy heart set on a $6.695 million home in the exclusive Malibu Colony - where Chad's family lives. The 3,215 sq. ft home features 4 BD/4BA, a pool, ocean views, and a whirlpool. Chad advises Judith to make an offer for the full listing price in order to avoid a bidding war once the home hits the MLS. Chad invites Judith over to his parent's Malibu Colony home to sign the $6.695 million offer in the home's breakfast nook where they have a weird segment about eating cake. "My mom's home and she made you your favorite cake." The cake must be infused with Zoloft because everyone gets completely Stepford Wife-zonked. After some wrangling over repairs and the installation of an a/c system, Judith gets the home for... must have cake. Delicious, Zoloft cake.

Josh Flagg finds yet another job through a Eurotrash friend. This episode, Josh's friend Miguel wants to build a celebrity compound on the land currently occupied by Tom Jones' former abode, and wants Josh's opinion on "how to do it best." Mmmhmm. Miguel's laptop produces a sketch-up "rendition" of a 20,000 sq. ft., 8 BD, 10 BA hillside home with its own 4,000 sq. ft nightclub. We can't wait for the hillside neighborhood crazies to get a hold of this one. Josh advises Miguel to search out a flatter piece of land. He takes Miguel to the property presently being listed by Madison Hildebrand. However, Miguel hates it because it lacks city views. Josh Flagg locates a 7.7 acre property quietly on the market with views, etc. for $30 million-plus. Josh estimates the completed mega-home with "dishwasher that jerks you off" could sell for $100 million.
Madison Hildebrand gets his first double-digit million dollar listing for a 22-acre piece of partially developed land in the canyon's of Beverly Hills. The $15 million property has one draw back - no city views. Madison shows the land to Josh's client Miguel and two other agents. Due to the terrible market, the land hasn't sold as quickly as Madison would like. When frustration hits, Madison reaches out to former GF Lauren. He finally admits he's more sexually attracted to men but still says he's open. It only took six episodes to get back to where we started. No sale for Madison by episode's end.


Chad Rogers: "The bond that I have with my clients, no agent can penetrate."

All: The boys are invited to be a part of a spread in Malibu Beach magazine profiling the "hot, young real estate agents in Los Angeles." In an interview with all three, Jeffrey, the publisher of Malibu Beach Magazine, asks about potential clashes between the buyer's agent and seller's agent. This perfectly unscripted moment leads to a confrontation between Josh and Chad over the Ronald Richards listing from Ep2. In a later segment after the interview, Chad whips out carefully placed non-ziplocked copies of emails from Josh Flagg to Ronald Richards proving that Josh did know Ron Richards. They yell, make accusations, but sadly don't pummel each other to death.

Chad Rogers: "Malibu Beach Magazine is a lifestyle magazine that circulates all around Malibu and the demographic is very wealthy people."

Josh Flagg: To the make-up lady in regards to Chad Rogers' weird lips, "Are Chad's lips supposed to be gray like that or does he put something on them?... Maybe it's a side-effect of the botox."

Josh Flagg: In regards to Chad not allowing Josh to show the Ronald Richards' Sierra Tower condos (Ep2): "Personally, I think he's sleeping with his client."

Chad Rogers: "Josh knows Ronald. I wasn't lying. Chapter closed." Chad, you robot moron. The saying is "Case Closed."

Chad Roger's Mom: To Chad's client Judith: "We made you a celebration cake. I know you have work to do with Chad, but as soon as you're done, I'll come back and I'll cut it."

Chad Rogers: To his client Judith on signing the offer and cake. "Initial right there at the bottom. Let's have some cake now. Mooommm.... we're ready for some cake... I want to see your face as it's going in."

Judith, Chad Rogers' Client: "I think I'm going to need another piece of cake to get me through the next few days."

Chad Roger's Mom: "Ahh, Judith. You can have the whole cake to get you through the next few days. And not only the cake, you will have our heart and our love and any support that we can give you to get you through anything you need... we will be here for you, always."

Chad Rogers: "Have another piece of cake."

Josh Flagg: Goes to New York with his grandmother as he needs time off to consider his career path. "My grandmother is my best friend."

Madison Hildebrand: Puts closure to relationship with Lauren. "I think closing the chapter with you, will allow something else to open up."

Chad Rogers: Victoria agrees to live with Chad, but only if he moves in with her. They go on a helicopter ride to celebrate the closing of escrow on Judith's house.

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