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Downtown's Neon Football Field

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The LA Times' Phil Willon does a follow-up story on that proposal to sell advertising space on the L.A. Convention Center to L.A. Live developer AEG, a decision that will be voted on today by the City Council. Notably, the convention center would hold "50,000 square feet of billboards and flashing electronic signs -- nearly the size of a football field," according to the article. Unhappy about the potential ads are members of the Pico-Union Neighborhood Council (these are the same residents who also complained about those flashing Nokia Theater lights), who believe that AEG has contributed so heavily to local politicians' purses that they expect the City Council to back the motion. Meanwhile, if the signage rights agreement is approved today, "the application for the actual design and location of the signs [will] be considered," according to the Times. [LA Times]