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Downtown's Planned Mill Street Lofts Shelved

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Only In Your Dreams: Rendering of Mill Street Lofts

As noted in linkage last week, Linear City LLC, the developers behind the Arts District's Biscuit Company and Toy Factory lofts, has quashed plans to build the 11-story Mill Street lofts because of housing market slump, according to the Downtown News's Anna Scott. Rather than the 120-unit condominium project envisioned originally, Linear is now renting the 40-unit building at 1820 Industrial Street as an artists' studio, gallery and to a jeans company. Will Mill Street Lofts ever rise from the ashes to join its Biscuit and Toy brothers? One of the developers talks to the Downtown News: "It's hard to tell these days. We have the entitlements, we have a set of plans ready for permits." But for the economy to recover "might take three, four or five years. It's all up in the air right now."
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Biscuit Lofts

1850 Industrial St., Los Angeles, CA