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ConstructionWatch: 7060 Hollywood Blvd Still Looking Chewed Up

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Last fall, New York-based developer LeFrak Company purchased the office building at 7060 Hollywood Blvd, a project previously slated for a 140-unit condo conversion. Work continues on the outside, but a leasing agent for the building--there's 176,00 square feet of office/retail space of (10,000 square feet is retail)--says the interior work will be completed once a tenant is signed. As part of the deal, LeFrak also absorbed 7070 Hollywood Blvd, the former World nightclub and now home to Ruby nightclub, a place that looks geared toward the very young Hollywood set. Here's a review of Ruby from Metromix: "The music: '80s dance songs, for a crowd that was barely born in the decade. The clothing: the finest duds Forever 21 and H&M have to offer. The bar: The Ruby’s bars hardly ever get crowded, since most of the revelers are not of legal drinking age yet."
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