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CurbedWire: Los Feliz Park Construction, Downtown Goat Watch

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LOS FELIZ: Someone made a joke on the site that in any other city, this under-construction tiny pocket park at Vermont and Hollywood would be put up in three weeks. That's a very negative attitude and we'd like to remind you that the Turtle wins the race. Old, heavy Turtle. The latest shot of the under-construction Vermont Triangle park. Construction started in May; here's the rendering. [CurbedStaff]

DOWNTOWN: Those goats are chewing their way through downtown far faster than anticipated. While the animals were supposed to be on the Angels Knoll hillside for two weeks (it's all part of a weed clearing effort), Blogdowntown reports that after "only two and a half days the herd has virtually cleared what was previously a heavily weeded hillside." Get down there quick if you want to catch a glimpse of the goats. [Blogdowntown]