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Week In Review: Lorcan, Lorcan! Sad Park, Subway to Sea, Broadway Hollywood, La Melange Opens

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1. A look at Lorcan O'Herlihy's under-construction Formosa 1140 project and finished WA Lofts project.

2. A rendering reveal of the new 1/3 acre pocket park on the former site of the Ambassador hotel (where the LAUSD is currently building three schools).

3. It was off the ballot, it was maybe back on, it was a war of press releases. Who knows what's happening. Lots of talk about the Subway to the Sea.

4. So many mentions of Broadway Hollywood this week. Kenneth Brown, star of HGTV's reDesign, who was blogging about designing his own loft in The Broadway Hollywood building, listed his place for $1.9 million.

5. New condominium building Le Melange (Fairfax and Wilshire) opened for sales; commenters promptly tore the place apart.