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New To Market: Serial Killer White In Los Feliz

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Perfect for the Bret Easton Ellis fan! This three-bedroom, three-bath house in Los Feliz is trying to cash in on some 80's cachet. Yes, there's an 80's theme going on today (see below). Here we have a broker with a penchant for the obvious ("With a strong nod to Richard Meier's work, white is the dominant color"), and some intrepid salesmanship ("The 80's are back, and in a good way"). The house also features "terrazzo and hardwood floors, new windows and top quality bathroom tiles and fixtures." Drop cloth, chainsaws and nail guns optional for the budding Patrick Batemans. Asking price: $1.7 million.
· 2249 Talmadge St Los Angeles, CA 90027 [Redfin]