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Developer Barry Shy Sues Homeowners For Slander, More

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This is going to get ugly. Blogdowntown reports that two homeowners in the SB Grand Lofts (located at Fifth and Broadway) have been served papers by SB Grand's developer Barry Shy. Accusing the pair (who run the site, an "expose" site about Shy) of slander and libel, the suit also alleges that Shy's businesses took a hit because of their accusatory statements. Additionally, the suit lists specific comments that were made in Blogdowntown's comment section, such as: Barry Shy is a "slum lord"; Barry Shy is "dishonest" and only cares about "making a profit"; Barry Shy is a horrible business man with no principals. As Blogdowntown points out, Shy was previously accused of deceitful behavior by tenants at his other downtown projects, while Curbed readers have debated whether Shy is the Antichrist. The lawsuit is here.
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