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Downtown Waits For Its Great Public Art Projects

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Following up on yesterday's Blogdowntown post calling for temporary public art works (like the "Waterfalls" project in New York), here's a look at some of the art downtown currently has; this is a sampling of projects funded by the Community Redevelopment Agency. Know your downtown art. Meanwhile, doesn't the LA River seem like the perfect setting for some type of "Gates"-like project.
1) From the Poets’ Walk (artist and poet collaboration) at Ernst & Young Plaza (725 S. Figueroa St.), Corporate Head by Terry Allen. Philip Levine’s poem can be found at here
2) Andrew Leicester’s Zanja Madre at 801 Figueroa Street
3) A number of artists worked on Grand Hope Park. Images of sculptures by Gwynn Murrill and clock tower chimes by Carl Stone
4) Biddy Mason Park has works by Sheila de Bretteville and Bettye Sarr
5) Tim Hawkinson’s Inverted Clocktower at 3rd and Hill
· The Freakin' Waterfalls Are On: Brooklyn Bridge Edition [Curbed]