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Improving Sunset Junction: Time For A Jamba Juice?

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[Millie's awaits the dirty hipsters; via Flickr user Solson]
Sunset Junction, that stretch of Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake, is far more walkable compared to other blocks in the city, but nevermind—the area is still getting attention from the Southern California Association of Governments, which is studying Sunset Junction as part of its Compass Blueprint program. And tonight there’s a meeting for locals; yes, they want to hear your ideas. Here’s how City Council President Eric Garcetti, writing in the Los Feliz Ledger, pitches the project: "Compass Blueprint’s look at Sunset Junction will focus on the connection between land use and transportation. The process will help us collectively answer questions such as: How do we improve the area’s “walkability”? How do we make it an attractive place to walk, shop, dine, and spend time?"

"As we do that, how do we make sure that there is adequate access to the area via public transportation, bicycle, or foot? How do we improve traffic? How do we develop a parking plan that will balance the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors?"

Additionally, Garcetti has received a grant from the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services that will be used to help the "mobility" of the area, ie, making it safe and accessible for pedestrians, drivers, cyclists. Tonight's meeting is from 6-8 pm at the Micheltorena Elementary School.
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