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The Catch: Must Know Sacred Geometry In Venice

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What/Where: a four-bed, three-bath house.

Sounds good, right?: The house is a just a block from the beach in Venice. And rent is reduced - just $600! - a total bargain and the listing doesn't request a female, or insinuate sexual favors are requirement for living there.

The Catch: Ah, Venice. Home to so many creative souls. We'll let the ad speak for itself: "VisionaryVideoArtist Seeks live in Personal Assistant for Reduced Rent. Innovative Humanitarian artist working with sacred geometry and transformative entertainment seeks personal assitant for media and new gallery projects." The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Submissions to the tipline.
· $600 VisionaryVideoArtist Seeks live in Personal Assistant for Reduced Rent (Venice) [Craiglist]