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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: It's Monterey, Jack; Not a Record Store, Angels & Demons in Inglewood

Thank you for your emails and comments. Readers are welcome to submit new questions for next week at this time to We will post them on Tuesday.

1) West Hollywood: A clash of armchair architectural critics arrived at multiple conclusions as to the type of architecture shown above. Most guesses included the word Monterey, i.e. Monterey Revival, Monterey Colonial, Monterey Contrival,etc. Readers were/are/is encouraged to buy A Field Guide to American Houses (available for purchase on Amazon for $19.96) in order to better understand their confusing surroundings.

2) Silver Lake: A few comments and emails later and we have identified the mystery of Dangerbird Records on Sunset, located in the former Bungalow storefront. "It will NOT be a record store but Dangerbird headquarters: Dangerbird Records, Dangerbird Management and Dangerbird Publishing."

3) Inglewood: The consensus on the big construction/action in the Hollywood Park parking lot indicates that this is a movie set. A commenter clarifies even further: "the set is for ANGELS AND DEMONS, the prequel to THE DA VINCI CODE movie."