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CurbedWire: New in Hollywood, More on Expo Line Protest This Weekend

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HOLLYWOOD: The latest new building to rise in Hollywood, this red and green and cream structure is at 1229 N. Bronson Avenue. Going guess it's a rental. Welcome to the neighborhood. [Curbed Staff]

SOUTH LA: As referenced in AM linkage, this Saturday, LAUSD and United Teachers Los Angeles will lead a protest; more via Damon Goodmon's mailer: "The goal is to send a message to the MTA and Public Utilities Commission that we do not support the MTA's proposed Expo Line Phase 1 design that forces no child west of La Cienega to walk across the tracks, but forces thousands of South LA children to walk across the tracks every day for the next 100 years. Show up to stand up for our community and children's safety!" Meeting at Western/Exposition; then a "Solemn walk, bike, drive, jog to from Foshay to Dorsey HS (Farmdale/Exposition)." No joyful skipping. UPDATED [Curbed InBox]