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Million Dollar Listing Recapped

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The first episode of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing hit with a giant thud. We'll cut the producers some slack, as they had to squeeze in all the establishing shots of Chad fixing his hair and establishing his "straight" creds, Madison doing crunches and showering, and Josh hanging with Gummi Bear and making his douchebag kissyface.

Episode 1 followed the threesome as they tried to make a commission on some pricey sales. Noteworthy was the inclusion of Chad Rogers' listing at Gardner 1050, the Lorcan O'Herlihy-designed multi-family project in West Hollywood. It was a tough sale, given the sketchy location of the condo in blight-ridden WeHo - shots of a homeless person and a broken bottle verified the area's sketchiness. The condo failed to command the $1 million-plus price the owner wanted, so he pulled it from the market. No commission for Chad.

· Chad Rogers: "it's hard to balance a relationship and be a real estate agent"

· Josh Flagg's dentist, Dr. Sam, makes an appearance and loses out on Josh's listing of the late Jay Bernstein's home - "he's famous for making people famous."

· Josh's grandmother discovered polyester.

· Chad's hair appears to get worse after every commercial break

· Madison's intern pretends to type on his computer when they greet each other as Madison walks in. Bad Acting 101.

· Madison's assistant, a single-mom (a SINGLE MOM), quits for a better job.

· Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis and Josh Flagg are besties.