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Gardens At Wilshire Now Open For You And Your Sauna-Loving Dog

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As noted earlier this week, Wilshire Boulevard's vast bounty of rental development includes 5600 Wilshire (still under construction) Viridian (open for leasing), the mohawked Wilshire and La Brea project (planned, and recently shrunk in size), and numerous other proposed projects. Speaking of mohawks, gaze upon the oft-mentioned and now completed Gardens at Wilshire at 3675 Wilshire Boulevard. The model unit, a 1,009-square foot two bedroom, rents for $2,600; overall, units range from $1,625-$3,475. During the tour, we stopped in and looked at the sauna. As it turned out, a couple and their dog were sitting in the sauna, prompting the rental manager to sternly admonish the pair: "No dogs in the sauna!" It looked like a pug. Dogs like saunas?
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