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CurbedWire: WeHo's Red Building Construction, Shipping Containers at West Coast Green

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: The formation of architect Caesar Pelli's Red Building in West Hollywood slowly continues. As reported in April, construction has been loud and smoky thanks to pile-driving (no joke), and naturally, locals were peeved. The pile driving should be over, if a reader's timetable was correct. Anyone care to confirm? Latest shots in gallery; opening is set for a vague, but still lofty, 2009. [Curbed Staff]

SAN JOSE: More details are emerging about West Coast Green, that uber green building conference happening next month. And the West Coast 2008 Showhouse will be made of....old friend Mr. Shipping Container. "The 1700 sq ft two-story home will be made of reused shipping containers, which will make construction, in any environment, sustainable, fast, and safe." The home will be green and LEED-certified, of course. Official site. [Curbed InBox]