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Wilshire Park, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Breaking Ground Later This Month

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On August 27th, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) will hold a ground-breaking for a new 1/3 acre pocket park on the former site of the Ambassador hotel (where the LAUSD is currently building three schools). The park's working name is the Wilshire Public Park, but no official park name has been picked yet, according to an LAUSD spokeswoman. And no, sadly, it's not a very big park. Stretching along Wilshire, the pocket park will offer benches and wi-fi; notably, there will also be a Robert F. Kennedy memorial consisting of a plaque and artwork. A resident in the Gaylord Apartments, who attended last night's LAUSD meeting about the park, explains the art this way: "The art is said to mimic a "ripple," with the speech Bobby made in Africa about one pebble creating a ripple in a pond...posted alongside, a photo of him on Blond Granite." And that white column is the pylon from the hotel.