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Bomb Threat At MGM Tower

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It appears there was a bomb threat at the MGM Tower at 10250 Constellation Blvd today, but despite an email forwarded to Curbed indicating there would be an evacuation, a receptionist at the building tells us there will be no evacuation. (She confirmed the bomb threat.) Here's the email received: "Please be advised that another tenant in the MGM Tower has received a bomb threat. The Los Angeles Police Department has been notified and is on site. Although the threat indicated that the device would be activated at noon, nothing has been verified at this time, as a precaution we have decided to evacuate the building between 11am and 2pm. You will be evacuated by the Floor Warden’s two floors at a time." UPDATE: Contrary to that email, a spokesperson for the LAPD says he is unaware of any threat to the building. So it's not certain any police officers are actually on site. [Curbed InBox]