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Subway To Sea Dream Denied: County Board Rejects Sales Tax

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Metro's efforts to get a half-cent tax increase on the November ballot that could've brought in tens of billions of dollars for transit and roads, and helped fund the Subway to Sea, look mostly dead after a 3-2 vote against it by the LA County Board of Supervisors, reports the Los Angeles Times' Garrett Therolf. County Registrar Recorder Dean Logan said the MTA must now pay up to $10 million for a special second ballot on election day or ask a court to force the measure onto the existing Nov. 4 ballot. You can thank two anti-tax Republicans, Mike Antonovich and Don Knabe, and myopic Democrat Gloria Molina, for this move. Molina was convinced her Eastside district wouldn't see enough pay-off in the end. UPDATE: The LA Times' transit blogger Steve Hymon, writes the MTA is already in the process of gathering lawyers. "We are going to sue," Rick Jager, an MTA spokesman, tells Hymon. UPDATE: The subway could still be voted on in November. See update.
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