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Rumblings & Bumblings: WeHo's Mystery Style; Dangerbird Records, mmmkay; and Something at Hollywood Park

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We've received urgent questions from fidgety readers who need to know what's happening in their hood. We're relying on you, the casual reader to provide an answer. Please leave a response in the comments or you may email us at We'll do our best to post an answer on Thursday.

1) West Hollywood: A reader needs help identifying the architectural style for the above pictured apartments. "What's up with those odd/appealing buildings on Vista St. in West Hollywood, right next to Plummer Park? There are about five in the same style, but I don't know what the style is. English? Southern Gothic? Maybe they're homes and not apartment buildings?"

2) Silver Lake: Oh. We drove by this but forgot to snap a picture. Good question. " there going to be a record store opening in Silver Lake? On the corner of Sunset and Lucile, an out of business furniture store is covered with a banner for Dangerbird Records, are they opening up a record store?"

3) Inglewood: Anybody been to Inglewood lately? "what's that thing they built in the parking lot of Hollywood Park?"