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CurbedWire: Venice Debates Concert Series

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VENICE: Last night, the Arts and Ocean Walk committees of the Venice Neighborhood Council voted to support a proposed 4-concert pilot program in September and October, sending the matter to a full Venice Neighborhood Council vote in two weeks. What's being debated: Local Michael Schuman wants to host an outdoor, day-long concert series (all family friendly bands) on the north end of the state park in Venice.

Most of the 50 or so people who turned out last night seemed to support the project. Those who spoke out against it pointed out the marketing materials on Schuman's web site paint it not as a "for locals" event, but a more glossy event that's already looking to attracting vendors and sponsors (the web site mentions there'll be a marketing campaign sent out to 350,000 people, for instance).

John Murdock, a lawyer reportedly hired by local artist Robert Graham and his wife actress Anjelica Huston (Murdock would only tell Curbed he was hired by residents on Windward Avenue) spoke, warning locals that there hasn't been enough information given to Venetians about how the concerts would operate. "This hasn't been vetted through the community," he said. Others who spoke out against the project voiced concerns about parking, trash, and noise. "I already hear the drum circles," said one resident. Another issue: Why aren't more promoters presenting ideas, ie, why wasn't a request for proposals sent out? Even if the Venice Neighborhood Council decides in two weeks to support the project, the concert series would still have to go through other city channels. [Curbed Staff]