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Ahoy! Queen Mary Island Planned For Long Beach

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Continuing with the trend of building non-garish and subtle-looking developments in Southern California, the owners of the Queen Mary have finally announced their plans for the site: They are creating Queen Mary Island. Granted, there's a ban on residential development on the site, so there's not much which can be done to the docked Long Beach tourist spot, but the Los Angeles Business Journal's Joel Russell reports the project will include a "marina, an onshore amusement park, a hotel and an office building near the landmark ocean liner." The liner, which was retired in 1967 and is permanently anchored in LB, was sold at auction last year, and while at one point a football stadium idea was tossed about, but it looks like the Island theme won out. Ground-breaking is planned for 2011, and developers say they will apply for federal grants to bring in public transportation so visitors have an alternative to the 710 freeway. UPDATED: If it's not clear, it's not an actual island; that's just the name. We think. Renderings are forthcoming.
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