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Valley Car Thieves Doing Well For Themselves

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Historically, some businesses thrive during recessions and it seems that Valley car thieves will post a very strong quarter. Following last week's mention of the car break-ins and security issues at the Lofts at NoHo Commons in North Hollywood comes news of more car break-ins in the Valley. Sending in the following photos, a reader writes: "My [condo] building, Addison Place, on Woodman and Addison in Sherman Oaks, was recently vandalized (at some point [Thursday] night) by burglars who stole wheels and rims, and left 4 vehicles on blocks. In total, they hit 2 BMW's and 2 Mercedes, but left a few more BMW's and all other vehicles untouched...I found out after waking up to 2 LAPD squad cars in my parking garage around 8 this morning."
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