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Weekend Open House Tour: Five Under $500,000

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Hands down the most popular Weekend Open House Tour post of the summer was the five under $500,000 that ran in July. As summer closes out, let's see what happened to those homes (after jump), and also round up the latest homes listed for $500,000 and under. From Echo Park to Sherman Oaks, these are the latest listings in that price range. Happy Labor Day, everyone. Go put your feet up.

Five under $500,000:

6307 E MERIDIAN Street (Highland Park), listed at $499,000: Off market, info n/a

118 E 90TH St (Met South)
, listed at $365,000: Now listed at $349,900

1604 Garden St (Glendale)
, listed at $469,000: Now listed at $449,000

3721 DOVER St (Atwater Village)
, listed at $499,000: Off market info n/a

4211 DIVISION St (Highland Park) , listed at $499,000: Still listed at $499,000