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Broker Boys & Babes 2008: Boys' Scandal + New Vote

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Polling in the Broker Boys contest has been halted due to 90,000 voting irregularities. In a first for the contest, evil internet robots attacked our poor server in their attempt to undermine our peaceful show of democracy. As we've always said, robots are evil! In order to determine the winner of the 2008 Broker Boy Contest we are asking that registered users of the site (sorry grays!) submit one vote for their selection in the comments. Rules: ONE (1) vote per registered user. Submittal must contain name of Broker Boy selection. All non-registered user votes will be ignored. Voting will end at 1 PM.

Also, to be fair, we are bringing back eliminated contestant Bryan Miyamoto of Keller Williams. Please vote once. Just write the name of the contestant of your choice in the comments. No cheating please!

UPDATE: Voting has been extended to 1 PM.
UPDATE 2:00PM: Voting has ended. Please stand by.