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Political Infighting Denying Lake Lady Her Hand

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The Lady of the Lake statue that adorns majestic Echo Park Lake is missing her hand. For a city with 4 million residents, you'd think repairing a little appendage would be within its means, but don't underestimate the pettiness of LA politics. As the Chicken Corner blog reports, Echo Park's neighborhood council is at war, specifically Christine Peters and council president Jose Sigala (their rancor was covered in a June LA Times piece that played up Echo Park's racial divisions). To make a long story short, Peters is claiming she found someone to fix the Lady's hand for a few grand but Sigala is holding up the repairs in a "Banana Republic Committee to disect (sic) and further delay" action. Sigala denied this in an email, and referred to Peters' "arrogance." Peters shot back with, "Just because you work for someone [LA councilman Richard Alarcon] who behaves arrogantly and flippant in Public Meetings, does not mean you need to emulate him."
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