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Broker Boys & Babes 2008: Winners, With Special Guest Judge Madison Hildebrand

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Thank you to everyone who voted and participated in this year's contest. Lisa Brende of Coldwell Banker, the comeback kid, wins title of Broker Babe 2008 fair and square. After a third place finish last year, Lisa did a superb job of posing for the headshot that took her to the top. And god bless the wind that blew her hair back. Congrats Lisa!

As for the gents. Oy! After a voting scandal rocked the contest, we allowed registered users to vote for their pick by leaving a comment. So much for that! After three recounts, it was determined that Broker Boys Jared Lewis and Bryan Miyamoto tied with 19 votes. Chris Cragnotti came in third with 17 votes. In order to break the tie we contacted two expert brokers in the ways of looking good - last year's Broker Babe Jessica Blafer and Million Dollar Listing star and author of "Activate YOUR Passion, Create YOUR Career" (available online only - Amazon or Madison Hildebrand. The tie has been broken! Special Guest Judge Madison gets the honor of declaring the 2008 Broker Boy:

"I choose Jared Lewis"

Woo-hoo! Congrats to Jared Lewis of architecture 8.

Congrats to both Lisa Brende and Jared Lewis. As our reward to you, please feel free to let us know when you have a new listing we can help you publicize. It's the least we can do. Until next year, everyone stay beautiful.