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CurbedWire: Venice Lot Up For Grabs, New Packard Lofts Residents

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VENICE: Last week, there was a mention of that upcoming possible city auction. Well, this is another one of the properties that is listed in that auction. A reader forwards this photos and writes: "It's 3,600 sq. ft., zoned R-3, [zoned for residential, you could build a tidy home for yourself] nothing but sand between it and the ocean, and a volleyball court to boot. Minimum bid only $1.2 million. Cautions include the fact that records show there was once an oil well and oil storage tank on the site. Or maybe that's a plus, given gas prices, if it could somehow be revived. But no, the people living in the building next door would probably object. It's at 4607 Ocean Front Walk on the Marina Peninsula." [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: Some new people in the Packard Lofts building on Hope Street have joined the cause to help sell all those downtown condos. Via the InBox: "Loftway, a firm specializing in downtown real estate, is opening a new office downtown. Our office [Los Angeles Design Group] was responsible for the design. The site is a formerly vacant street-level storefront space in the Packard Loft building on Hope Street between Olympic and 11th." [Curbed Inbox]