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Broker Boys & Babes 2008: Know Your Realtor

You may know them by their pretty faces, but who are these realtors? Let's take a closer look at what their web sites and nominators say. First, the guys. Also, don't forget to vote!

Jared Lewis
Interesting fact: He works with last year's Broker Boy winner Scott J. Cook.
The Nominator says (actually there were three nominators, two left a message): 1. "Let's just say we are happy Jared wasn't on "Million Dollar Listing." He may be under 30, but his experience goes beyond his years. Not bad on the eyes either. :)" 2. "educated, articulate, good looking... Jared represents the next wave of Brokers who actually knows how to successfully facilitate a transaction. He just left KW for a new brokerage, architecture 8."
link: Featured Listing - 1426 N. Laurel Avenue, #403, West Hollywood, CA
link: Architecture 8 [Official Site]

Chris Cragnotti
Interesting fact: Has his own blog, last updated July 9th.
Voter says: In a first for us, a reader actually emailed in their vote: "Tuesday, August 26, 2008, I cast my vote for Chris Cragnotti"; Via his Web site, Chris' tag line: "Chris Cragnotti, REALTOR Associate at G&C Properties, is a Glendale native and specialist in Glendale's fine Character-Homes. If it's a beautiful home in a diverse community you desire, then Chris is the REALTOR for YOU!"
link: Featured Listing - 1311 Ethel St, Glendale, CA 91207
link: [Official Site]