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On the Racked: Venice Whole Foods, Upscale CVS, Skylight Books Party

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The latest store info and sidewalk scenes from street-obsessed Racked LA, the newest member of the Curbed family.

VENICE: Here's your look at the new Whole Foods at Rose and Lincoln which will open on September 3rd or 4th, according to Yo! Venice! (This grocery was mentioned in reference that stalled Pioneer Bakery building project earlier today.) But there may be some parking issues, though. Read more.

LOS ANGELES: Drugstore chain CVS is launching Beauty 360, what's being called a "high-end prestige beauty concept store" on both the East and West coasts. Check out the rendering; it's fancier than your average CVS.

LOS FELIZ: This Saturday, a party will celebrate Skylight Books 1814, the expansion of the Silver Lake bookstore. Bonus: The bookstore even has a band, The Skylight Juice, that'll play at the event. Councilmember Tom LaBong will cut the ribbon and there will also be an 18.14% discount at both the original and new shops.