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Broker Boys & Babes 2008: Know Your Realtor

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You may know them by their pretty faces, but who are these realtors? Let's take a closer look at what their web sites and nominators say. Now we check out the girls. Also, don't forget to vote!


Lisa Brende
Interesting fact: Lisa was nominated last year but was knocked out after Round 3
The Nominator says: "she's smart and beautiful! check her out." From her bio: "Originally from Los Angeles, Lisa attended UC Santa Barbara and graduated with a BA degree in Film Studies. After graduation she moved back to Los Angeles where she worked in the Entertainment Industry. She currently resides in Los Feliz. Lisa has excellent follow through skills and has consistently established great working relationships. You can count on integrity, honesty, and committment when working with her."
link: Featured Listing - 6750 Wedgewood Pl, Los Angeles, CA, 90068
link: [Official Site]

Aura Howell
Interesting fact: We had no idea what Aura's last name was until moments ago
The Nominator says: "i nominate aura of tiffany & aura at abbot kinney real estate... - she's the brunette on the right. and their bus bench ads around Venice never fail to distract me." Via her bio: "According to the Association of Realtors, Aura is in the top 14% of all realtors. She attributes her 300% increase in production to her hands-on approach and the superior service she gives every client. Having traveled extensively and lived amidst different cultures, Aura demonstrates grace and sophistication while negotiating on her clients behalf."
link: Featured Listing - 3653 Mountain View Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90066
link: [Official Site]