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Million Dollar Listing Recapped, Ep 4: The Counteroffer

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Episode 4 of Bravos' Million Dollar Listing is here. Will Chad Rogers obsess over pleasing his client? Will Madison's man/woman love speech come back again? Will Josh Flagg talk on the phone? This is seriously a terrible show.

Chad Rogers goes to a cancer walk and is introduced to Cuttino Mobley of the LA Clippers, who is interested in selling his Beverly Hills home because it's too big. The 6,000 sq. ft, 5 bedroom house has flat screen TVs on every available wall surface but is sparsely furnished. The rub of this Chad Rogers segment is that Cuttino wants to wait to sell the house until after he's done with training in Las Vegas, and he needs Chad to find him a place in Vegas. So Chad and Victoria go to Vegas, meet Cuttino Mobley's bitchy manager, and have relationship fights. Despite last week's one-year anniversary celebration in Palm Springs, Chad remains unsure how long they've been together. "We've been together for like, what, a year? Over a year?" By episode's end, Cuttino decides to skip Vegas and instead focus on selling his Beverly Hills home.

Josh Flagg gets this episode's listing on Walden Drive in Beverly Hills from his grandmother, the woman who discovered polyester. The 6,900 sq. ft home is being offered at $6.75 million. It's hideous but the family Josh shows the house to appears to love it and offer $6,300,126.The episode is a series of offers and counteroffers, tainted by the inspection which finds multiple problems, ending with hardscrabble negotiations written on scraps of paper. The family offers $5.5 million due to the $800-$900k in repair costs they expect. Counteroffers finally bring the sale price to $5.8 million, with no contingencies and close of escrow in two weeks.

Madison's client for this episode is Kim, who is a professional flipper. She is interested in a Beverly Hills home listed at $1.995 million and after stroll around the outside of the home she offers $1.9 million. However, there are issues, and we're not talking about the house anymore. Madison is confronted by a friend who says that he may be gay, and is just holding on to his bisexual speech because he has some sort of attachment to his ex girlfriend. Madison all but admits to it later during a surfing session with said ex. In the end (back to the house), Madison's flipper friend Kim gets the house for $1.955 million.


Chad Rogers: "This is LA, and NOONE walks in LA. The only time I walk is from my front door to my car."

Chad Rogers: Victoria, Chad's gf describes him as very anal. He organizes Victoria's purse with ziplock bags.

Madison Hildebrand: Still stuck on his ex Lauren

Chad Rogers: "I'm not feeling this machine, Victoria."

Chad Rogers: " A nail salon is not a conventional place to meet, but for Cuttino... I'll do it."

Madison Hildebrand: On his ex, "Lauren knows I'm attracted to both men and women..."

Josh Flagg: "My grandma helped me get the listing and now she's going to help me close the deal."
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