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Development Du Jour: Spirited El Centro in Hollywood

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With all the development going on in Hollywood, it can be hard to keep track of each and every project cropping up, but say hello to El Centro, a new 18-unit townhome development three blocks from Vine and Sunset. Sales officially kicked off last weekend: Units range from $499,000-$729,000,; square footage ranges from 947-1565. There are three units in escrow, according to the sales office. "A lot of the buyers are coming from West Hollywood," Mina Azami, a real estate agent with Keller Williams, tells us. "It's a lot of industry, a lot of people who are priced out of the Westside." And fittingly, here's the tagline of the place: "The spirit of Venice in the heart of Hollywood." Are you sensing Venice? We're not really sensing Venice. But Mina, how about homeowners association dues? $250-$289.
· El Centro [Official Site]

El Centro

1120 N. El Centro Ave., Los Angeles, CA