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Web Site: Same Project, New Fight in Beachwood Canyon

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Last check-in on the Beachwood Neighborhood Association revealed some unhappiness about a project (deemed too big) on Durand Drive . The post also revealed some unhappiness about the Beachwood Neighborhood Association. Regardless, the web site is reporting that a project at 3314-3320 N. Lugano Place, which was rejected by the city last year, is up to bat again. There's a hearing on the project on September 11th; via the public notice: "Design review and project permit compliance for the construction of a new 3 story over basement, 36’ high, 4,912 square foot residence with attached 993 square foot garage and 520 square feet of outdoor space on a vacant 19,231.5 square foot lot. Total project size: 6,425 square feet." The web site for the BCA is asking residents to come fight the project.
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