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CurbedWire: LAUSD Rising At Ambassador Site, 717 Olympic Leasing Update

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KOREATOWN: There wasn't much to look at six weeks ago, but if we're looking at the picture right, this is the high school (there are two other schools, too) that's rising off Wilshire on the site of the old Ambassador Hotel. All the renderings of the project are here. The high school is supposed to be done by 2010. Yeah, this whole thing still feels weird and sad. [Photo via Flickr user Conductor Mike]
DOWNTOWN: A reader sent in this question: "Hey, how many units have been leased at 717 Olympic, that new downtown rental building?" This is what we hear: 34 units have been leased. There are 151 units. So that's 22.5 percent, right? What to make of that news? Move-in date was June 15th and it opened for leasing this spring. Next question?