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Rumblings & Bumblings: Dirt Lots in West LA & Mar Vista, A Lone Mailbox on Laurel Canyon, and A Messed Up Door Downtown

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Call your friends! We need help to answer these questions from actual readers like you. If you have an answer, you may leave a comment or you can email us at Answers shall be posted this Thursday.

1) Mar Vista: A reader spots an empty lot on the loose at Palms and Sepulveda. "I was driving down Sepulveda and saw this and am wondering if anyone knows what 1. used to be there 2. what's coming."

2) Downtown: What's going in at the Pacific Stock Exchange Building? "After they destroyed this awesome you know whats going in here? Club? lounge?"

3) Laurel Canyon: Ahem, sounds a bit shady to us. "What is with the little "property" at 2205 laurel canyon? it's a mailbox and some astroturf and about 30 square feet hidden behind a fence. it's listed as a business address for some sports video business. i wonder about it every time i drive over the hill. do you know?"

4) West LA: Another empty lot question. "What's the deal with the empty lot on Santa Monica and Beverly Glen (pictured here)? I drove by it the other day and saw construction vehicles parked there... is something actually going to be done at that corner?"