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Venice Topless Event, Gospel Event Peacefully Co-Exist

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Ladies, you know that weird feeling when you see a picture of naked breasts-and you're like, "oh, that's what my breasts look like, too." Well, perhaps you'll recognize your pair in this Flickr set of Saturday's event (obviously NSFW). Held last weekend, the Venice protest (official name: Go Topless Day) was meant to challenge the national laws pertaining to ladies and shirtlessness. A number of male supporters came out, too. Also, some poor dog got his head plastered with nipples. As Yo Venice reports, breasts were supposed to be hidden by "nubbin-shaped pasties," but not everyone adhered to that rule. The blog also reports there was a competing gospel event at the same time on the boardwalk.[Photo via Kirstography]
· Only in Venice, as They Say [Yo Venice]